Our Web Services

Photoshop & PDF

Designing different brochures, visiting cards, banners, menu cards and others, using Photoshop, changing them and creating different PDFs, according to your own choices.

Event Management System

Management of different events, like cultural events, DJ and other such events, allowing different users to login, enquirer and apply for different events, via different well designed websites.

Web Hosting & Domain Registration

Don’t have any domain or hosting! No need to worry about. Just give a click to Squaryum with all your requirements, and Squaryum will surely help you out with better hosting and domain packages, according to your needs.

E-Commerce Website

One of the best way to show or sell your products is an e-commerce website. If you have anything in mind, just come up to Squaryum. Adding, Editing and deleting of products are possible by just a click.

Payment Gateway Integration

One of the most important part of an e-commerce website is the payment gateway. And it is done here in Squaryum with much effectiveness and better security measures, using different payment gateway processes and integrating them in your e-commerce website.

WordPress Website

Need better websites, better themes, better designs and better functionality with responsiveness in your website? WordPress is the best solution and you can definitely rely on Squaryum to build a blog or any other websites using WordPress.

Other Services

Our Educational Services

R Programming

Teaching different students to operate with different CSV and SAV files, analyze and find out different statistical results from different sets of data using different R codes.


The basic of all programming languages, at present. Teaching different students on different basic programming concepts, like if/else, while/do while, for loop & nested loop, functions, switch case, pointer, array, structure & union, strings and others.

Core Java

There are six properties of Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPs). Teaching different students on the basics of OOPs, like constructors, inheritance, polymorphism and others, along with the basic concepts of programming.


Teaching different students about the creation and management of databases, and the connection of the database with different webpages. Along with the above, teaching them the way of making dynamic webpages.


Basically, websites are designed by using HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet). Teaching different students about the codes, HTML tags and functionality and helping them in developing static and dynamic websites.

About Us

About Us

We are Squaryum, engaged in designing, developing and providing better websites to you. No matter, whether you have hosting and domain with you for your website or not, we are here readily available to provide you with hosting, domains and better websites in normal and WordPress sites at a lower price.

This is a place, or you may think it as a platform for developing your own websites according to your own choices, demands, needs and favors. So, if you have anything in mind regarding website designing or development, then, just come up to us with your needs and we will be very happy to help you out with WordPress and normal website designs and development according to your own choices.

At the same time, students can come to Squaryum, to learn different programming languages, especially C/C++, Core Java, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS & R Programming, at low affordable cost.

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